S.I.N.S. (Suppressed Illuminati, No Survivors)


We lead, from the shadows, moulding your lives
Crawling to be chosen, we accept the sacrifice
Drilling the religion, our myth is not a lie
They exterminated just a ghost

(All seeing eye, show us the way of truth)
All seeing eye, reveal the way of truth
(Purify those who respect your guide)
Crucify [those] who don’t deserve your light

Serve the new world order of this age
Blazed in curse, your cancer was your faith


Psychopath’s how you name us, ignorance’s fault
That feeds me, enrages me, the purest fear will come
Army of knowledge, the crusade takes form
The end justifies the… Justifies the means

Skull and bones, unfinished pyramid
Puppets, prayers, we are gonna make a purge
An ageless creed, knights of the templar… Illuminatus!

(Pure form the inside)
Owl from the inside, Purge from the inside
Creed from the inside, Truth from the inside
Skull from the inside, Bones from the inside
Crypt from the inside, Spit from the inside

Light! From the inside you’ll get the
Light! From the inside the
Light! From the inside you’ll find the
Light! From the inside Light!

Shining Blood

Shining Blood


Can you feel the heat of our hate?
Punishment is our fate,
Vengeance’s never too late
Can you hear the fear in their howls?
As (you) force your control
Killing innocent souls

There’s no place where you can hide of us
Because we’ll be there looking for you
Never-ending hurting waits for you,
Coming through!

No mercy! No!
We’ll crush them! Yeah!
They’re condemned
Shining Blood rage!
Defenders! Yeah!
Surrender? No!
Let’s make them pay

Can you smell the preys of your guns?
How you make victims run
As you were having fun
Can you feel the wrath in our veins?
How you enjoyed with the pain
Of all those people slain

Shine on me

Red Silence

Red Silence

Raise the flag of Motherland, you proletarians!
Hear the voice you’ve never listened, sons of the sickle
Drowned itself, capitalism
Don’t try us rising to the surface
Your head is in our sight

Fear lurks, Mistrust grows
Mass bombs, Side to side
Hide into the ground
The graves you’re digging will be found
No matter how, show me your frights
Here comes the disaster

Cold! Headcrushing hammers
War! Proud of the dollar
Infernal rumbling
one step to the apocalypse!
World will be over
Armed! Nuclear warfare
Throats of violence
So loud’s the Red Silence

Don’t let them wash your brains confined
You have to be a consumind
The dream of our nations
Becomes true, the gold bank’s alive
Welcome to the company where communism goes to hell pleading for life
We lead our country to the stars

Fooled spies
Disguised lies, An eye for an eye
Hide into the ground
The graves you’re digging will be found
The menace’s loaded, it’s not a lie
Will take your lives

AK-47 Kalashnikov
M-16 Rifle, U.S.A.



Cry and shout, adrenaline’s rhythm is taking control
Load and shoot, I can’t take revenge of all
My eyes fade to black, just a little bite to rise up and fight
Now the world has turned to red, like the blood I flow, Lost without control

I’m on your brink again (No way back)
I want to feel you inside
I’m on your hands again (No way back)
I want to burn it on fire
Please don’t stop

Destruction is running through my veins, I can’t blink without pain
Cold has gone, the fog has come, my soul is boiling hate
My hands are full of rotten blood, let’s try it again
I’ve knocked down all the walls, that’s what I want to feel

I want to burn it on fire

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels


Can’t see anything around (break zone)
Can only hear the sound of my skin
Blazing to the ground (asphalt)
Becoming part of the road

My love is mauled savouring tar by my side because
I’m an adrenaline junkie

Her gas is alcohol (get drunk)
That feeds the gears of my disease
Breaks out of control
(drugs make) me drive faster than death

Hangover guides all the miles I get through, She
Roars like a hell’s whore

The end of my road has come
Windshield’s sight’s aiming to the target
Beautiful massacre, that wedding
Hostile guest

Wild stampede runs over your bones
Razors’ edge ripped out your throats
Overdrive to slaughter
Skids on highway
Hot Wheels

Wild stampede runs over your bones
Razors’ edge ripped out your throats
Overdrive to slaughter
Skids and gasoline

Wild stampede runs over your bones
Razors’ edge ripped out your throats
Overdrive to slaughter
Skids of my Hot Wheels

Six Strings’Crime

Six Strings’ Crime

Where are the rocking legends?
What happened with our mentors?
The legacy they sculpted
Becomes another grave
Tying up our way of expression
While they see how their money braise
Deceiving minds with gift
Some waves go to nowhere

Rise up (Shout)
No more corruption
Drown this lie (Shout)
We’ll Metal-Rock you
Rouse with us

Open your eyes
Don’t let them burn your senses
Your judgments are your roots
You are drawing your own way
The choice it’s in the faith of
Those people who trust in you
Fulfill the promise you should complete
So you must join with us

This hierarchy
Light the flame (Ash)
Dollar’s songs stained
With empty ink (Shout)
No more corruption
Drown this lie (Shout)
We’ll Metal-Rock you
Rouse with us

Grasp your Scythe

Grasp Your Scythe

Remains of the glories they silenced
In the land that they can’t let us be
Too much lies have won in battlefields
Will reborn claiming thirst of justice

This voice of violence won’t survive (it won’t survive)
Tyrants will swallow anger flames (swallow anger flames)
Wrath in your veins begins to blaze (it begins to blaze)
The anthem sounds through noisiest hills
Hear the call to arms…

Get ready this is war!
This is our fight
Freedom can’t die
Raise up your pride

Feel the force of our land
We engraved our flag with bloody hand
Grasp your Scythe harvester of crowns
The shields of iron soldiers never fall to the ground

They could not wrest four ancient roots (four ancient roots)
Smashing our culture down with rage (our culture down with rage)
Acclaiming the overthrow they can’t deny (so we’ll)
Raise from a non-existent death
Leave aside the words…

(Time goes on, and nothing changes.
But we’ll wait for the moment, to be who we are)

Feel the Force
We’ll faint this sorrow, feel the force
I said feel the force and grasp
Grasp your Scythe, grasp
Your scythe

This is our fight
Freedom can’t die
Raise up your pride
For the rest of our lives

Beast Against

Beast Against

Ingest my human being
I feel my beast inside again
My memories don’t defend
Possessed by your intentions
Howling with madness
Breathing demons’ ashes

Now the cell is open
All my tears are broken
No speech for my soul
My heart is rotten
No lies spoken
Taste your last sigh

Burst, from the inside your guts will be mine
I will stick my fangs with the wrath
That murder leads me the anger’s alive
Drenched in thirst of blood

One more time I’m feeling right
Branded for my scars again
Your head’s what I pretend
Desires of full destruction
Rip the masks to eat your face
Oh please give me your faith

Behind the Bullet

Behind the Bullet

My weapon loads my desire

Like a snake crawling through the desert, a trail of corpses in my back
If the sun decides my course I guide my bullet’s destiny
Get the fuck out of my way, don’t try to fight my rage
Calm down, anyway you’ll be dead

My weapon loads my desire
You’ll know the taste of fire
Yeah your flesh burns higher
Behind the bullet you…

Sign your own death with blood
The trigger waits to hear your prayers
Unholster my revolver
Bet your entire, Gunpowder will fire

Fear has come and points to you, it’s just the death game feel it forms
Pull out my lover, cartridge turns to iron storm
Ten steps determine it: live or die
anyway you’ll be dead

Kids of War

Kids of War

Self-esteem keeps on falling
But if you wanna be such a man don’t let them see you cry
When the terror feeds your conscience
They say to you “fear can’t win, you must turn it on pride”

Another dose to break through
Another death just to be true
Another weapon to be wild
You’ll never be a child

Innocence between life and death
Has to row hard
Beyond a jail of drugs you grow up faster
Never fear, never lose your mind
Day by day, forced to be child soldiers
Kids of War cannot desert
There’s fire inside your eyes

They put a rifle in your hands
Then they raped your mind with drugs, rubbing out
your memories so far
Ingenuous hearts became stronger
Your souls were guided to hell, stolen by war

The Kids of War don’t cry

There’s fire inside your eyes



Loud and clear, we know the fucking truth
Elixir, black venom steers the doom
Where you step, a desert is what you leave
Erase the land which made your business rich

Double edged words are attempting to control
The minds of the lambs
Double edge wars devastating
The wells of the sand

Blood undertaken,
This liquid gold
Becomes elixir of the wars
We’re condemned to be
Slaves of fuel,
Diamond in the rough

Petrol’s duel, assault is uncovering
Barrels full of dirty money
Powerful, the nations’ alliance
Murdering for the aim