Blaze Out is an energetic band, explosive and professional, with a meticulous worked live, catchy songs and no limits goals. A perfect mix between divers derivatives of metal genre: trash, hardcore, hard rock, heavy metal, that only received amazing reviews and followed a higher and higher progression. This lead them to play at renowned festivals such as Download Festival, Resurrection Fest, or Hellfest (Cult Area), among others.

Even though the band exists since 2009, it was not until 2013 when they initiated they career with more repercussion thanks to the release of their first LP, “HEADSHOT”. The reviews had only good word for this album and was pleasantly reviewed as one of the best works of such a young band. This allows them to follow a dream that they are still fighting for nowadays, after the release of their third studio album, “INSTINCT”.

More than 100 shows at their backs and sharing stage with some of the best metal band of the history are some of the achievements behind the hard work and constancy, the help of Pau Navarra, manager and founder of Blood Fire Death, made the band be a national metal reference.

With the release of their new LP, “INSTINCT”, that will see the light the next May 17th 2019, BLAZE OUT has the goal of conquer Europe, and they will not stop until they make this goal a true reality.


Formed back in 2009, it takes only one year for the young Barcelona band to release their first EP, “SHINING BLOOD”. Together with his frantic live, this EP receives great compliments within the regional reviews, which makes the popularity of the band increase to amazing levels so they played dozens of shows.

After a few years of non-stop playing live, they decided to work in their first album, “HEADSHOT”, released in 2013. During the same year they decided to work together with one of the best national managements, Blood Fire Death, with Pau Navarra leading: he is the responsable of helping the band with the promotion and booking. With this consolidation and the new album they achieve to bring their live around the country and this gets them new reviews and fans. During the same year the are finalists at the Wacken “Battle of Bands” which allows them to play at the acclaimed festival RESURRECTION FEST, in Viveiro, closing this way a dream cycle for the band, sharing stage with bands like MOTORHEAD, BLACK LABEL, IN FLAMES, BEHEMOTH, KORN, and many more headliners.

After a long and surprising tour, 2015 is the year when they start to work in their second album titled “BACKLASH” that sees the light in April 2016, declaring a forceful evolution and progression of the band, defining more their own style and image. This LP brings them to play more than 60 shows, even awakening the interest of Resurrection Fest (with no “competition” behind this time) and Download Festival, where they presented their album Backlash. In. 2018 they close an apotheosis year culminated with their show at the “CULT AREA” of the big Hellfest. This is their first live abroad.

During this time, Blaze Out also releases some videoclips and as expected, we find here a higher quality and a meticulous production work.

After 3 years of an intense tour around Spain, they seclude themselves at the studio during the better part of 2018 to work in their third LP, released in May 17th of 2019. This album shows the constant evolution of their previous works, maintaining the band essence and focusing in what they do best and what their fans ask for: rock out. With this album and over the years, their ambition is to cross borders so they started to look for European dates and have a try with European record labels who might be interested in their work.